Giving thanks for “Africa 2015”

Nairobi Seminar, Alice translating for Willie Ruth
Washing feet, Orucho
Washing feet, Orucho
Some new partnerships in ministry
Some new partnerships in ministry, Kakamega
Rejoicing in dance
Rejoicing in dance, Jinja, Uganda

When I look back on the trip to Kenya & Uganda, I am filled with thanksgiving for what God did and is doing. I keep thinking “Who am I to have been used by the Lord to bless and challenge pastors and church leaders in far-away places?” I think back to when I was much younger, offering myself to be available to serve in any way…He took me up on that! This especially comes to my mind as I wash the precious worn feet of those who sacrifice so much to take the Good News to those in more hidden places than we were.  At the end of each of the four seminars, we washed the feet of the participants to demonstrate, as Jesus did, the servant heart. It is a powerful time, in so many ways! The discussions were challenging with really good questions, based in real lIfe. Some things are uniquely African, other questions reveal how we are so much alike in our emotional needs, sin, and need of a Savior!

Pray for the pastors and leaders as they work to implement discipleship in their own settings…they need God’s wisdom in every step! Fortunately, that is promised when we ask for it!

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