The Great Exchange

Great Exchange-1One of the things I enjoy the most about working with college students is the opportunity to reach out and share my faith. Most of the evangelism I do is very relational as I mostly meet with students I have some kind on association with at the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity house. These young men come to my office with a friend and we get to have an honest God talk. However, every now and then, I love to get out of my comfort zone and trust God in reaching out to students who I don’t know.

The last two years I have had this opportunity as we have sponsored the Great Exchange (GE) which has it headquarters in Athens, GA. and works in conjunction with local ministries to conduct a spiritual interest survey. When we did the GE in Sept 2014, I was amazed at what good conversations I had especially with international students. In 3 days I got to share with students from China, Cuba, and Vietnam. I led 3 students to Christ and continue to meet with a Chinese student who prayed with me.

This fall was similar as we again conducted the GE at Purdue, Wabash, and DePauw University. My best conversation was with a student from China who had been in the US for a week. She told me that she had come to the US to get more education, but also to learn more about how to know God.   Shannon Hammond got to finish the conversation and she accepted Christ.

Doing the Great Commission has reminded me that God has prepared hearts and I need to continue stepping out in the power of the Holy Spirit.

– Everette Albrecht

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