Visting Scholars

Jay.PutingPuting is from China here at Purdue to get her Ph.D in Analytical Chemistry. I have discipled her for quite a while and led her to the Lord. She has been a believer for about 18 months! I invited her to the Good Friday evening program at church. I waited for her to arrive then got a text that she wouldn’t be able to get there until about 7:30 (30 min. late) but she finally arrived during the last song set with two friends from the same chemistry lab. One of them had just arrived in the U.S. in January as a new “post-doc” and had never been in a church before. They slipped into pews in the back for the last few minutes. Afterward, he asked her how long she’d been a Christian and what (internal) changes she had experienced. She was so excited about the opportunity to testify! They will have many more conversations since they are research partners on a project.

Then, a week later, she and her other friend, Jae, came over (she stayed overnight). Jae also works in the same lab as Puting focusing on the chemistry of optics. Amongst things he is working on is creating a groundbreaking portable biopsy machine! Over cups of tea, we talked about the wonders of science and creation. I talked about how the Christian worldview gave rise to scientific exploration in previous centuries. I suggested looking at Job chapters 38-41 for an amazing look at the order of creation. Puting started reading it out loud and was loving it. She is seeing the wonders of creation their research. Jae is open, moving in the right direction.


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