Student arrival is upon us!

It has been a while since we’ve last posted here and it’s about time to get it started again! The academic year begins in just over two weeks. Students from all over the world are beginning to arrive and that excites us! Essentially an entire city shows up within this time.

According to the university, this year there will be over 10,000 incoming freshman, the largest class ever at Purdue and likely largest incoming freshman class in any Big Ten school since at least 2005.

We are thankful that yet again the campus will be fully open this year. While the delta variant of Covid has caused a recent quick change to wearing masks inside university buildings, it will not change our goals and ministry opportunities. Last year was chaotic for all of us. From a ministry standpoint, God worked in some amazing ways, despite limitations due to the pandemic. It started with frustration, but leaving it in the Lord’s hands helped us focus on what really mattered. Serving Him according to His plan.

Prayer requests: The Lord would lead us and guide us in our ministry as a staff team, individually, and the students we walk along side. That we would be able to meet as large group where we were in previous, pre-pandemic years. Good attendance, a wide variety of new students, and adding to our other student group we call leadership training. Also, what we call “divine appointments” with students or others this semester that we were not expecting. We love those! Most importantly, the Lord would be glorified in all that we do.

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