Visting Scholars

Jay.PutingPuting is from China here at Purdue to get her Ph.D in Analytical Chemistry. I have discipled her for quite a while and led her to the Lord. She has been a believer for about 18 months! I invited her to the Good Friday evening program at church. I waited for her to arrive then got a text that she wouldn’t be able to get there until about 7:30 (30 min. late) but she finally arrived during the last song set with two friends from the same chemistry lab. One of them had just arrived in the U.S. in January as a new “post-doc” and had never been in a church before. They slipped into pews in the back for the last few minutes. Afterward, he asked her how long she’d been a Christian and what (internal) changes she had experienced. She was so excited about the opportunity to testify! They will have many more conversations since they are research partners on a project.

Then, a week later, she and her other friend, Jae, came over (she stayed overnight). Jae also works in the same lab as Puting focusing on the chemistry of optics. Amongst things he is working on is creating a groundbreaking portable biopsy machine! Over cups of tea, we talked about the wonders of science and creation. I talked about how the Christian worldview gave rise to scientific exploration in previous centuries. I suggested looking at Job chapters 38-41 for an amazing look at the order of creation. Puting started reading it out loud and was loving it. She is seeing the wonders of creation their research. Jae is open, moving in the right direction.


Steele Dives

johnson_steele_112015_800x375_2We in invited Steele Johnson, a Purdue diver, to speak at Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity on Tuesday evening, March 22. He won the 2015 NCAA national championship in the 1-meter and 10- meter platform diving, was diver of the year and Purdue male athlete of the year. He is currently training to go to the 2016 Olympics with Team USA.

Steele shared how he got involved with diving at the age of 7. At age 12, during one of his dives, he hit his head on the 10-meter platform and torn his scalp open. He could have easily died as result and was told he might never dive again. But true to his name, Steele is a pretty tough guy! After his recovery he continued to dive and was a 15-time junior national champion. Please watch this video on YouTube where he tells the story:

Steele is currently on Olympic practice waiver at Purdue. He and Olympic gold medalist David Boudia (who also was a Purdue diver) have been training together as synchronized 10-meter diving partners. They just returned from China and Dubai were the pair won a bronze medal in their synchronized diving event.

Steele also shared with us how his faith has become a very important part of his life. He said that he had traveled all over the world and won many tumblr_o2kcymSyWV1s76cado1_1280accolades in diving, but that this left his empty and unsatisfied. In his testimony, he told us that he had rededicated his life to Christ in January of 2015. He now has his focus on Christ. If he wins that’s great, but he wants to glorify God in all that he does.

We were thankful Steele was able to fit us in the middle of his current busy competition schedule from Rio to China to Dubai, back to Purdue and now on his way to Canada and Russia!

Look for Steele Johnson and David Boudia at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio!

Steele is a prolific video blogger and posts videos to his YouTube Channel on a regular basis. He can also be found on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Food and Fellowship with Tark Guys

I continue to be a Factark guysulty Fellow at Purdue and am assigned to a floor in Tarkington Residence Hall. This enables me to build relationships with the men on that floor. We generally have 10 to 15 men who come weekly on Wednesday evenings for floor dinner at one of the dining halls. They are such a great group of guys to be around and a very close-knit group with great camaraderie. It is so refreshing to see this! An example is every Tuesday evening, they go to the gym and sit in the hot tub and play water basketball and volleyball!

During a floor dinner, one of the men said he went to a religious high school, but that he was not very religious. I asked him to explain what he meant. We had a great conversation about what it means to have a personal relationship with Christ.

Recently, I had about thirteen of the guys over at my house for a Super Bowl party as well as a dinner last semester. They love coming over for a home cooked meal and are such an enjoyable group to be around.

I befriended one of the Tark guys three years ago and have been sharing Christ with him. He is not a Christian yet but God is working in his life. Please continue to pray for these men, that I will have opportunities to encourage them and share Christ with them.

– Parks Wilson

The Great Exchange

Great Exchange-1One of the things I enjoy the most about working with college students is the opportunity to reach out and share my faith. Most of the evangelism I do is very relational as I mostly meet with students I have some kind on association with at the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity house. These young men come to my office with a friend and we get to have an honest God talk. However, every now and then, I love to get out of my comfort zone and trust God in reaching out to students who I don’t know.

The last two years I have had this opportunity as we have sponsored the Great Exchange (GE) which has it headquarters in Athens, GA. and works in conjunction with local ministries to conduct a spiritual interest survey. When we did the GE in Sept 2014, I was amazed at what good conversations I had especially with international students. In 3 days I got to share with students from China, Cuba, and Vietnam. I led 3 students to Christ and continue to meet with a Chinese student who prayed with me.

This fall was similar as we again conducted the GE at Purdue, Wabash, and DePauw University. My best conversation was with a student from China who had been in the US for a week. She told me that she had come to the US to get more education, but also to learn more about how to know God.   Shannon Hammond got to finish the conversation and she accepted Christ.

Doing the Great Commission has reminded me that God has prepared hearts and I need to continue stepping out in the power of the Holy Spirit.

– Everette Albrecht

We Went To The Holy Land!

Purdue WDA staff team in JerusalemIn October, Everette & Sharon, Parks & Julie, and Mary were able to go to Israel! It was an astonishing, unexpected gift from some supporters!

Lon Solomon, a Messianic Jew from McLean, VA, led the tour. He has led over 45 tours! Lon gave great messages at each location, making it memorable in so many ways.

Dome of the Spirits - TabletsWe have always heard, “You’ll never read the Scriptures the same again!” It is true! We can now clearly picture where Jesus was in places like the synagogue in Capernaum or out on the lake (Galilee) or along the shore and the Jordan River. It moved us all to see Jerusalem for the first time. We were able to step onto the Temple Mount (equal to 27 football fields) and see the model of what it would have looked like in Jesus’ time. To add to the experience, Everette & Sharon were also able to go to Mount Sinai and Petra.

Western Wall-editedThe opportunity to add our prayers at the Western Wall (aka Wailing Wall) was very emotional and powerful. Especially knowing what happened in that area over the centuries and knowing there will come a day when the Eastern Gate will no longer be blocked. The Lord will come back in Glory!

Our reading and teaching is now richer because of this trip and we will never forget it!

New Year, New Semester, Bring on 2016!

Photo credit: Purdue UniversityIs it really 2016? We cannot wait to see what the Lord has planned!

Purdue has yet again transitioned from a ghost town to a bustling, thriving, albeit chilly campus of students in the matter of a day or two. It dawned on us it has been few weeks since they were last here! When Star Wars came out! It’s OK to admit you have seen it more than once. Some of us have seen it three times.

It’s great to get going again!

There is much talk about the basketball teams this season so it should be fun to see how it plays out! Many of our students are in the “Paint Crew” student section at home basketball games making Mackey Arena a very loud feared place to play for opponents. Boiler Up!

We are already rolling forward this week with the first Alpha fellowship of the semester, and catching up with students.

Oh and we certainly need to catch you all up on some happenings from last semester! Sorry it wasn’t more consistent!

Since there is so much to share, we’ll break up the fall events we have not covered in an upcoming Digest post including:

  • The Purdue WDA staff went to Israel!
  • The Great Exchange outreach
  • Alpha fellowship
  • Parks as Faculty Fellow for a floor at Tarkington Residence Hall
  • Great semester ending dinner with the students at the Wilson’s home.

It’s great to be back!

Giving thanks for “Africa 2015”

Nairobi Seminar, Alice translating for Willie Ruth
Washing feet, Orucho
Washing feet, Orucho
Some new partnerships in ministry
Some new partnerships in ministry, Kakamega
Rejoicing in dance
Rejoicing in dance, Jinja, Uganda

When I look back on the trip to Kenya & Uganda, I am filled with thanksgiving for what God did and is doing. I keep thinking “Who am I to have been used by the Lord to bless and challenge pastors and church leaders in far-away places?” I think back to when I was much younger, offering myself to be available to serve in any way…He took me up on that! This especially comes to my mind as I wash the precious worn feet of those who sacrifice so much to take the Good News to those in more hidden places than we were.  At the end of each of the four seminars, we washed the feet of the participants to demonstrate, as Jesus did, the servant heart. It is a powerful time, in so many ways! The discussions were challenging with really good questions, based in real lIfe. Some things are uniquely African, other questions reveal how we are so much alike in our emotional needs, sin, and need of a Savior!

Pray for the pastors and leaders as they work to implement discipleship in their own settings…they need God’s wisdom in every step! Fortunately, that is promised when we ask for it!

Welcome Back Students!

It’s hard to believe it’s time for a new school year at Purdue! What happened to the summer break?

Campus is abuzz with students as classes began Monday August 24th on a beautiful day with mild temperatures. It’s so great to have them back! Time to Boiler Up!

We have upcoming events and Bible studies, etc that will be announced as well as ongoing schedules and communication throughout the semester. This website, Facebook and Twitter will be important information hubs for students.

Blog posts from staff, students and even an alum or two will be posted!

In the coming days Mary will report on her summer missions trip to Africa as will Everette on his Romania trip.

We are looking forward to what the Lord has in store for this school year! Stay tuned!

Maturing Toward Christ-like Character – Africa!

Orucho sem.2In anticipation of teaching our Discipleship Training Seminars in 4 locations in 4 weeks (Kenya and Uganda), I get excited all over again! My trip begins this Thursday July 9th!

The goal is for pastors to be trained so they can train those in their churches and other pastors, to the end that they all would increasingly mature in Christ-like character to the Glory of God!

This is a big goal and can only be done in the power and wisdom of the Holy Spirit. We’re just a small part of what God is doing in their lives!

The Lord ministered to me the other day with the passage in Luke 12 v.32, “Do not be afraid little flock for your Father has been pleased to give you the Kingdom.” I love being part of his “little flock”, those he has chosen and nurtured.

Yet, I’m sobered by the surrounding warnings of what NOT to be anxious about…those who would kill my body (v. 12:4), defending the Gospel before authorities (v.11), all kinds of greed and hypocrisy (v. 1 & 15), concern for food and clothing, (v. 22)…things that capture the heart and distract from serving Him.

Back to the promise of the Kingdom… I’m captivated by wonder in thinking of the Kingdom! Jesus will be King and he will rule “in character” with holiness, justice, righteousness, truth, compassion… those who have come to him, like a child, for salvation will be transformed into his likeness, there will be no more sorrow, pain, brokenness…!

We can see that its fullness is not here yet but we are charged with being his ambassadors! We are given the same power that broke open the tomb (Ephesians 1.18-21) to stand firm, speak boldly, showing radical sacrificial love, demonstrating a different kind of rule. This begins in our hearts and grows, strengthens and multiplies with others to increasingly glorify God and the Risen Jesus Christ! Time to worship an awesome God!

Pray with us that the Lord will give us wisdom in teaching and answering questions in the seminars and in conversations along the way, for health and safety (but if He choses to use those challenges, that we would handle them well, to His glory)!