Student arrival is upon us!

It has been a while since we’ve last posted here and it’s about time to get it started again! The academic year begins in just over two weeks. Students from all over the world are beginning to arrive and that excites us! Essentially an entire city shows up within this time.

According to the university, this year there will be over 10,000 incoming freshman, the largest class ever at Purdue and likely largest incoming freshman class in any Big Ten school since at least 2005.

We are thankful that yet again the campus will be fully open this year. While the delta variant of Covid has caused a recent quick change to wearing masks inside university buildings, it will not change our goals and ministry opportunities. Last year was chaotic for all of us. From a ministry standpoint, God worked in some amazing ways, despite limitations due to the pandemic. It started with frustration, but leaving it in the Lord’s hands helped us focus on what really mattered. Serving Him according to His plan.

Prayer requests: The Lord would lead us and guide us in our ministry as a staff team, individually, and the students we walk along side. That we would be able to meet as large group where we were in previous, pre-pandemic years. Good attendance, a wide variety of new students, and adding to our other student group we call leadership training. Also, what we call “divine appointments” with students or others this semester that we were not expecting. We love those! Most importantly, the Lord would be glorified in all that we do.

Hello again!

Purdue WDA Zoom Meeting

Hello folks! It’s been far too long since we have posted here!

It’s was quite a spring semester at Purdue with the Covid-19 pandemic. The students were basically sent home for online learning immediately after Spring Break. A wild couple of weeks for us all for the students and us! It did not completely stop our ministry as we continued to meet with students and have our meetings via Zoom! The Zoom service has become a verb these days of quarantine and physical distancing.

Thankfully none of our students knowing caught the virus, however some family members/friends have. We have a friend from our church who contracted Covid-19 on a plane traveling to Florida. He was in the hospital for 50 days or so and by God’s grace survived despite many close calls.

WDA Staff Conference from around the world!

We are currently attending our WDA Staff Conference via Zoom. This has added the resource for our International Staff to participate from Brazil to Africa to the Philippines and points in between!

We are excited to share what is on the horizon for WDA on campus at Purdue and as the WDA overall ministry. God has been working in these difficult times worldwide. We trust Him in the midst of hardship and pain.

Your Purdue WDA staff

We Went To The Holy Land!

Purdue WDA staff team in JerusalemIn October, Everette & Sharon, Parks & Julie, and Mary were able to go to Israel! It was an astonishing, unexpected gift from some supporters!

Lon Solomon, a Messianic Jew from McLean, VA, led the tour. He has led over 45 tours! Lon gave great messages at each location, making it memorable in so many ways.

Dome of the Spirits - TabletsWe have always heard, “You’ll never read the Scriptures the same again!” It is true! We can now clearly picture where Jesus was in places like the synagogue in Capernaum or out on the lake (Galilee) or along the shore and the Jordan River. It moved us all to see Jerusalem for the first time. We were able to step onto the Temple Mount (equal to 27 football fields) and see the model of what it would have looked like in Jesus’ time. To add to the experience, Everette & Sharon were also able to go to Mount Sinai and Petra.

Western Wall-editedThe opportunity to add our prayers at the Western Wall (aka Wailing Wall) was very emotional and powerful. Especially knowing what happened in that area over the centuries and knowing there will come a day when the Eastern Gate will no longer be blocked. The Lord will come back in Glory!

Our reading and teaching is now richer because of this trip and we will never forget it!

New Year, New Semester, Bring on 2016!

Photo credit: Purdue UniversityIs it really 2016? We cannot wait to see what the Lord has planned!

Purdue has yet again transitioned from a ghost town to a bustling, thriving, albeit chilly campus of students in the matter of a day or two. It dawned on us it has been few weeks since they were last here! When Star Wars came out! It’s OK to admit you have seen it more than once. Some of us have seen it three times.

It’s great to get going again!

There is much talk about the basketball teams this season so it should be fun to see how it plays out! Many of our students are in the “Paint Crew” student section at home basketball games making Mackey Arena a very loud feared place to play for opponents. Boiler Up!

We are already rolling forward this week with the first Alpha fellowship of the semester, and catching up with students.

Oh and we certainly need to catch you all up on some happenings from last semester! Sorry it wasn’t more consistent!

Since there is so much to share, we’ll break up the fall events we have not covered in an upcoming Digest post including:

  • The Purdue WDA staff went to Israel!
  • The Great Exchange outreach
  • Alpha fellowship
  • Parks as Faculty Fellow for a floor at Tarkington Residence Hall
  • Great semester ending dinner with the students at the Wilson’s home.

It’s great to be back!

Welcome Back Students!

It’s hard to believe it’s time for a new school year at Purdue! What happened to the summer break?

Campus is abuzz with students as classes began Monday August 24th on a beautiful day with mild temperatures. It’s so great to have them back! Time to Boiler Up!

We have upcoming events and Bible studies, etc that will be announced as well as ongoing schedules and communication throughout the semester. This website, Facebook and Twitter will be important information hubs for students.

Blog posts from staff, students and even an alum or two will be posted!

In the coming days Mary will report on her summer missions trip to Africa as will Everette on his Romania trip.

We are looking forward to what the Lord has in store for this school year! Stay tuned!

Maturing Toward Christ-like Character – Africa!

Orucho sem.2In anticipation of teaching our Discipleship Training Seminars in 4 locations in 4 weeks (Kenya and Uganda), I get excited all over again! My trip begins this Thursday July 9th!

The goal is for pastors to be trained so they can train those in their churches and other pastors, to the end that they all would increasingly mature in Christ-like character to the Glory of God!

This is a big goal and can only be done in the power and wisdom of the Holy Spirit. We’re just a small part of what God is doing in their lives!

The Lord ministered to me the other day with the passage in Luke 12 v.32, “Do not be afraid little flock for your Father has been pleased to give you the Kingdom.” I love being part of his “little flock”, those he has chosen and nurtured.

Yet, I’m sobered by the surrounding warnings of what NOT to be anxious about…those who would kill my body (v. 12:4), defending the Gospel before authorities (v.11), all kinds of greed and hypocrisy (v. 1 & 15), concern for food and clothing, (v. 22)…things that capture the heart and distract from serving Him.

Back to the promise of the Kingdom… I’m captivated by wonder in thinking of the Kingdom! Jesus will be King and he will rule “in character” with holiness, justice, righteousness, truth, compassion… those who have come to him, like a child, for salvation will be transformed into his likeness, there will be no more sorrow, pain, brokenness…!

We can see that its fullness is not here yet but we are charged with being his ambassadors! We are given the same power that broke open the tomb (Ephesians 1.18-21) to stand firm, speak boldly, showing radical sacrificial love, demonstrating a different kind of rule. This begins in our hearts and grows, strengthens and multiplies with others to increasingly glorify God and the Risen Jesus Christ! Time to worship an awesome God!

Pray with us that the Lord will give us wisdom in teaching and answering questions in the seminars and in conversations along the way, for health and safety (but if He choses to use those challenges, that we would handle them well, to His glory)!


June Digest

WDA Staff Conference

WDA Conference

Recently, we had a great time at our Staff Conference in the Atlanta area. It was a wonderful week of fellowship, training, meetings, catching a vision for the future and of course a little bit of fun!

One evening we had a wonderful dinner party with the entire Board of Directors of WDA. These men and women have a deep commitment to following Christ and believe in WDA‘s ministry. We are thankful to have such a caring and wise Board, some of whom are WDA alumni!

Summer International Missions

Upcoming: Mary will be facilitating discipleship training in East Africa and Everette will be traveling to Romania to do the same! They will be reporting on that soon!

Testimonial Updates

Take a look at our Testimonials page to read what our alumni have to say! Two more were added today!

Check out one of our alum’s post on Facebook! “WDA@Purdue changed my life. Scott Tiede, Senior Pastor – Delaware Bible Church, Delaware, OH”

If you are a Purdue alum and would like to send one, please use the Contact page or e-mail Mary, Parks or Everette.

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