Our History

In the fall of 1982, Everette and Sharon Albrecht, along with WDA’s founder Carl Wilson and current president, Bob Dukes visited prospective campuses in Indiana to begin a WDA ministry.

While evaluating other locations, people said, “You ought to check out Purdue” so they did! In December 1982, Everette and Sharon moved to West Lafayette, IN from Florida. Parks and Julie Wilson moved to the Lafayette area in March 1983.

A group of WDA staff and students from the South came to Purdue assisting with the opening of the ministry. They had scheduled outdoor events, in March, and of course, in Indiana it snowed 8 inches! What a fun way to begin!

Becky Granger Culver joined the staff and Mary McKeever arrived in the fall of 1984.

Small group Bible studies began in various Greek houses and residence halls.

Evening fellowships were started and grew to about forty students. At that time a Tuesday night “Main Event” large group meeting began

The heart of our ministry took shape with weekly student leadership training meetings called “Ministry Training” and “Senior Board,” along with weekly one-on-one discipleship mentoring with a staff member providing students with directed growth in ministry skills and maturing faith.

Student committees were structured to let the students lead many parts of the ministry such as campus outreach, Main Event planning, social event planning, and various other opportunities.

Retreats, leadership retreats, organized spring break trips, summer ministry projects both internationally and in the U.S. were among the many off-campus events.

The close relationships built in leadership training, Main Event, committees and retreats helped create a family atmosphere in Purdue WDA.

Margo Theivagt, Mike Zachman, Nila Shanabarger Duffitt, Kevin Scott, Jim Porett, Greg and Shannon Hammond, among others, have served on the Purdue staff team over the years.

The Purdue WDA Next Generation ministry has also ventured into ministering to Purdue international students, partnering with local churches, and overseas ministries. This is reflected in the shared-time nature for Everette, Parks and Mary with various church ministries and international training.