“When I began my time in WDA in 1995, I was a freshman at Purdue and a brand new Christian. My foundation in Christ was built because of my experiences in WDA. Mary McKeever not only met regularly with me to mentor me in my walk with God, but she also showed me what it looks like to show grace and love to people who are on this journey of learning who God is. I learned from many of the staff how important it is to know God’s Word and what it looks like to apply it to my daily life. Several of the friends I made in WDA have become lifelong friends. It was a blessing to spend time with both the Wilson and Albrecht families during my years as a Purdue student, and to have those great examples of what a Christ-centered family looks like. I feel like the training I received from WDA in missions, evangelism, sharing a testimony, and leading a Bible study have equipped me well for reaching others for Christ.


Since my time at Purdue, I can look back and see how God led me to WDA, and how He used that foundation to help me in the ministry he had planned for me all along. In 2012, I realized God’s plan was for me to begin a ministry for single moms at my church in Warsaw, IN. After just 2 years, this ministry has grown to 64 women. Some of these single moms are at the very beginning of their journey with Christ, just as I was my freshman year at Purdue. I’ve had the opportunity to teach a few of the women how to share their testimony, using what I learned in WDA. I enjoy meeting the single moms for coffee to talk about life, and I think back to when Mary met with me. I am incredibly thankful for the time that WDA staff invested in my life, and it is an honor to share what I’ve learned with others.”

Nicole C. – Class of 1999