Worldwide Discipleship Association (WDA) is a non-denominational organization with a focus on meeting people where they are in their journey with Christ and helping them grow in spiritual and emotional maturity that glorifies God.

Drawing from the pattern Jesus used for training his disciples, WDA staff work with students on university campuses and help churches to build a discipleship framework into all they do. Training pastors and church leaders in South America, Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe aims to help mature the Body of Christ to God’s glory.

Our Next Generation Ministry has played an important role in developing leaders on the College and University campus. WDA staff teams meet with resident students and involve them in ministry activities designed to help them grow to maturity in Christ. After graduation, we strive to stay connected through an alumni network, assisting them as they build disciples in their local churches. Generate vertical integration while remembering to increase viewability. Grow social with the aim to increase viewability. Lead vertical integration in turn innovate.

Next Generation Ministry at Purdue

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Established in 1983, the heart of the Purdue WDA Next Generation Ministry is meeting students where they are in their spiritual journey with Christ and equipping them to grow in their walk with Him. Meeting with and ministering to international visiting scholars and students is also an important part of the ministry at Purdue.

The Purdue WDA Next Generation ministry has also ventured into partnering with local churches and overseas ministries. This is reflected in the shared-time nature of the WDA staff with students on campus, various local church ministries and international training.

In the local church, they are in leadership positions to implement discipleship concepts and the ministry to Chinese students and scholars. They disciple a few in people the church, lead Bible studies and “Restoring Your Heart” groups and They also are teachers in the church and surrounding church communities.